|| Satyanaam ||

I Vaidya Ashwani Kumar, grew up in a family of Ayurvedic physicians. When I began my studies from then I always come to practice with the family in the field of Ayurvedic medicine.

My father Vaidya Shiv Shankar Prasad is also a very good Ayurvedic physician. My grandfather Vaidya Bhagwat Prasad were quite good Ayurvedic physician. Who in his time get rid of hundreds of patients have their disease within country and out of country. Today, we have hundreds of patients testimonial.

The most striking feature is that we do not use any kind of chemical in drug during treatment or advice. In emergency, if any patient need then we provide the proper instructions.

Thousands and thousands desperate patients get relieve through Ayurveda herbs during my practice. The details of their citations we have. We are always dedicated to Ayurveda today also. We have the whole experience through our advice accordingly and during treatment to cure thousands of patients are disease-free complete. However, we always strive to new research. We go forward in our work area can get hundred percent success.

We provide the proper and careful advice on the basis of the age of our patients and of the nature of diseases. It’s may be Disease can be same but nature of disease and condition of disease are vary. Then medicine for patient or uses of the medicine can be varying.

Ayurved is the oldest Medical science of the world originated in the soil of India. This Medical science treated a human being with a holistic approach both mentally & physically. Not only to cure a patient the beauty of this Medical science is to prevent the Human body from different diseases by directing proper life style in different climate , weather, with different food habits & day – night activity.

In modern age for the immediate benefits of the treatment you are wandering around and get misled by false propaganda spread. From which you cannot properly cure from your disease and are expressed even more complicated problem in the recovery are growing nation.

We recommend that you please during the treatment must first be sure to get accurate information of the physician or the physician to treat your disease being aware of it or not.

If you want any kind of information you must contact us.

We wish your good health.

Ayurveda is like nectar which our ancestors have ever been proven. No any funds are bigger than Wellness. Complete Wellness is possible by Ayurveda.

We especially with your wishes

vaidya Ashwani kumar