Sex disease


Sex disease:

Disease will vary according to different age.
Most people fall in giddy quack or more charms can be treated in the whirl of publicity has spread but does not get any benefit.
Premature ejaculation, semen thinness, lack of sperm, the right way to treat impotence disease “Best Chemistry” and is necessary to Bajikrn drugs. What drug abuse in every human untimely death and old age are avoided and full joy in life can take forever. As per our ancestors: Man and horse are not old ever in terms of youth. Provided the correct way according to age ‘perfect chemistry’ and Bajikrn drug can be given. Nowadays most people are suffer in physical age with thinness of semen. As a result, the patient can not be the slightest interruption, constipation, chronic diarrhea, dyspepsia, vertigo, dizziness, weakness, dark stain around eyes etc.. sometimes the patient goes impotence.
Our former saints (like – Sushruta, Charaka, Chanya) have proven that the guy always do as correctly and complete all the work then in the sex has to get satisfaction. The idea that every person open your age can correctly time the entire work.