Syphilis and gender within the penis (wound) Burning sensation


Syphilis and gender within the penis (wound) Burning sensation:
The person who get wounds inside the penis then they get burning sensation at the time of urinating. In Ayurved its known as Ushnpat and in Unani its known as Syphilis. There are two types under disease, which is known as Syphilis and Gonorrhea. Both the disease varies considerably. Symptoms of Syphilis does not always appearing immediately. The main cause of Syphilis is by the exposure with prostitute or wrong woman. Sometimes, at the time of Wet dreams or Womanizing Semen goes stop in urine tube and that semen can be wound in the urine tube. And then Syphilis made.

Sometimes quite powerful chemical treatises opium cannabis, drug abuse because of things wants to stop ejaculation or prevents equal force him into the son hose is wound, her irritation and inflammation and pus begins to find out. In the first stage there is inflammation and irritation in infancy in penis. In the second stage in the penis becomes scarred. We have achieved considerable success in the treatment of this disease. Fully frustrated and disappointed people can also contact us.