I grew up in a family of Vaidya Ashwani Kumar, an Ayurvedic practitioners. , I have always been practicing Ayurvedic medicine with my family since the beginning of my studies.

My father Vaidya Shiv Shankar Prasad is also a very good Ayurvedic doctor. My grandfather Vaidya Bhagwat Prasad was a very good Ayurvedic doctor. In his time, hundreds of patients of the country and abroad have got rid of their disease. Even today, we have the details of hundreds of patients from abroad through them.

The biggest feature is that we do not use any kind of chemical in the medicine during the treatment or advice of our patients. If the need arises for a single patient in an emergency, we give necessary instructions to him.

During my practice, I have relieved thousands of desperate patients from their disease through the herbs and ashes of Ayurveda. We have a lot of details of which testimonials are available with us. Even today we are always devoted to Ayurveda. We have full experience in curing thousands of patients as per our advice or just during the treatment of our patients. Nevertheless, we are always striving for new research. Which we can go ahead and achieve 100% success in our field of work.


We give advice carefully considering the age of the patients and the nature, condition and requirement of the disease. Even though the disease is the same, the nature and stage of the disease can be different. Due to which the method of medicine or intake of each patient can be different.

In today’s modern era, in the pursuit of immediate benefits, they wander here and there for treatment and fall in the trap of spreading false propaganda. Due to which your disease is not cured properly and your disease becomes more complicated due to which the problem of recovery increases.

We advise you to kindly first get the information of the right doctor during the treatment or whether the doctor who is going to treat your disease is aware of it or not.

If you want any kind of information then you must contact us.



Ayurveda is like nectar, which our ancestors have proved forever. There is no greater wealth than health. Complete health is possible only through Ayurveda.

special we with your best wishes

Vaidya Ashwani Kumar