Attractive Breast

The females who happen to have sagging breasts who have been feeding baby for quite sometime and happen to notice sudden changes in body as the bustline turns unshapely. In certain cases, breast size varies right is smaller than left or vice-versa and this happens with mother who generally feed baby from one side more and delay feeding from other side. So the breast that is less feed shrinks and the abnormality in size comes up. This is fully curable and the true size is restored. For that proper treatment is needed and our doctor will take care ofcourse.

Daily Care
  • Hydrate! Every morning when you wake up the first glass of water should be warm with a pinch of himalayan sea salt and a squeeze of lime. This helps detox the lymph system, the liver, and helps your body to retain the appropriate amount of water it needs for the rest of the day.
  • Avoid underwire bras and chemically derived anti-perspirant that will create a stuffy, stagnant environment.
  • Participate in seasonal cleanses to eliminate toxin build-up and rebalance the doshas. Keep things movin through!
  • Eat REAL foods. Eat these foods as organically as possible, with your uniqueness, seasonal changes, and any imbalances in mind. Focus on warm, cooked, spiced, and oiled meals.
  • Avoid caffeine, marijuana, and alcohol…! These substances are very dehydrating, which are atrocious for the reproductive system. If avoiding them seems impossible, understand how to always properly rehydrate yourself.
  • Exercise correctly: Ayurveda recommends to exercise up to half your potential or until a little sweat drips down your spine. This prevents fatigue and clears out toxins that may be stuck in your lymph system.
  • Cultivate a lifestyle that is appropriate for your needs. Besides diet, good rest, and tools to deal with stress and hectic situations (such as meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, calm walk outside, sitting by flowing water, etc) are incredibly vital in preventing disease.
  • Massage the breasts-the BEST thing we can do. Massage is effective at moving the lymph and therefore breast massage can ease discomfort, swelling, and blockages caused by stagnation. It is also the perfect therapy for all heart concerns as it eases tensions in the area where vata emotions like fear, loneliness, and anxiety get lodged.
Ayurvedic Massage
  1. Dry brush. Use a silk glove to lightly, in quick strokes, ignite circulation.
  2. Either start with a whole body self-massage with oil, or abhyanga if you have time, or just focus on the chest area. Use an oil that is appropriate for your dosha. Warm this oil to body temperature and maybe add some essential oil.
  3. Make sure you stay warm! The oil will penetrate the skin much easier and you will stay relaxed if you are in a well heated room.
  4. Before you touch any part of your body, especially your breast and heart area, remember to touch with love and compassion. The intention in your hands will leave an impression on your nervous system and you want that to be a positive healing energy.
  5. Begin massaging one breast in a circular motion spiraling from the nipple toward the outside of the breast. Then begin at the nipple again and massage outward in linear strokes.
  6. Massage the armpit and the outermost quadrant of the breast tissue extending to the shoulder joint. This is an area where lymph nodes are very concentrated.
  7. Massage above and behind your collar bone from the shoulder in toward your neck in long strokes.
  8. Repeat on the opposite side.
  9. Massage the center of your breastbone, where your heart is, in a slow clockwise circle. Cherish every moment of this important self-care ritual and when finished cover your breastbone with your hands or give yourself a hug, and send them one last prayer of love.
  10. Either wrap yourself in warm clothes after or take a comforting warm shower to allow the oil to deeply nourish your medha (fat) and rasa (lymph) tissues. No soap is needed as the oil has a cleansing property.
What are the Types of Ayurvedic Enemas?

The Ayurvedic enemas are known as Sneha Basti and Kashaya Basti that use oil and decoctions respectively to make the enemas.

Sneha Basti: In Sneha Basti, a specific amount of oil is selected by the doctor depending on the age, disease and various other factors. Usually, Sneha Basti is administered after having food and the ideal time to give Sneha Basti is in the afternoon soon after lunch.

Kashaya Basti: In Kashaya Basti honey, rock salt, medicated oils, powders and a large amount of decoction is mixed in a special way and the preparation is administered usually in the morning on empty stomach.

Get relief from constipation and acidity with the natural enema!


How does an Ayurvedic Enema Cause Colon Cleansing?

Basti procedure begins with administration of medicated ghee in increasing doses for 3 to 5 days. The dose and the duration for which ghee is taken vary in every patient. You need to visit the doctor for some observation as requested during which doctor decides the right time to give the enema. The oils reach the colon through enema, lubricate and nourish lower gastrointestinal tract (large intestine) and cleanse the colon rejuvenating its function. In case of Kashaya basti the active ingredients of the decoction are absorbed in the colon which in turn facilitate the loosening and easy elimination of all toxins attached to the inner layers of the colon.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Enemas

Increases appetite

Clears bowels

Eliminates constipation

Reduces hyperacidity

Removes unwanted toxins

Reduced ama vata

Removes vata vitiation

Helps in weight loss

What is the Role of Ayurvedic Enemas in Weight Loss Programmes?

An Ayurvedic Weight Loss programme includes therapies like udvartanam, which is a special herbal massage. The deep strokes used in Udvartanam mobilize the stubborn fat, which needs to be removed out from the body. Ayurvedic enemas play a major role in removing the melted fat out from the body. Along with the melted fat, the Ayurvedic enemas also eliminate unwanted toxins, excess vatas and waste material from the body. Thus, Ayurvedic enemas form an integral part of Ayurvedic Weight Loss programmes.


Best Ayurvedic Treatments for Constipation

The Ayurvedic enema helps flush out all the toxins from the body, purifying it completely. Apart from being one of the Best Ayurvedic treatments for constipation, it also provides relief from Gastric Problems and acidity. These natural enemas are known as Sneha Basti or Kashaya Basti in Ayurveda. Performed using oils and herbal decoctions, this treatment doesn�t come with any side-effects. However, it is important to consult a qualified and experienced practitioner for a proper treatment.


Who should not take Ayurvedic Enemas?

Although Ayurvedic enema is the best colon cleansing method with several benefits, it is contraindicated in some conditions. It is best to avoid colon cleanse with Ayurvedic enemas if you are suffering from one or more conditions listed below,




Rectal bleeding


Severe anaemia

What is the Cost of Ayurvedic Enemas?

The type and duration of Ayurvedic enema is decided based on the age, condition and some more factors for the patient. The cost of Ayurvedic enemas, therefore, varies for each individual and can be discussed with the doctor during consultation.