Only for our patients:-


“Avoiding treatment is making the disease complicated and leading trouble life and is becoming burden on family.’’

In suchway any patient wants to get rid of disease being treated in same way any chikitsaka accept his sacred duty to serve the patient and sacred religion to get rid of disease. Treatment has some methods adopting such methods the patient has got rid of disease for ever generally it is seen that the patient takes medicine for some time and being carelessness. He gives up it or he begins to wandering here and there being moving soul. But a chikitsaka has complete opiSon that patient being treated in right manner permanently and being got rid of disease gives proper advice and address to other patients .generally patients are being become (deviated) or negligence in treatment of white patches that being uncurable internally and spreaded the disease in whole body of patient and at last being leaded this life in trouble manner and makes suicide.

    In field of treatment there are two types of treatment:-
  • (1) Temporary Treatment
  • (2) Permanent Treatment

(1) Temporary Treatment – Under this treatment is temporary the patient feels that he has got rid of disease but it appears again quickly and the patient is suffered completely by mental agony . It is just like raw dying on statue.

(2) Permanent Treatment – The patient takes time in this treatment. But being got rid of disease for ever again he begins to lead happy and honorable life. Certainly any patient will adopt permanent treatment and chikitsaka will complete his sacred duty permanent Treatment contains some methods which under. It is necessary to get rid of disease completely that the course of medicine is prescribed for you for taking medicine regularly according to symptoms of your disease until you keep taking medicine regularly without any break then the disease is not completely uprooted. You carry diets and prohibitions which are directed.

Gaping of treatment should be welcome the disease at new stage. Due to gaping in treatment the effect of medicine is lasted .duration of taking medicine and time of benefit are depended on new old and complexity of disease .generally it is seen that being taking treatment. one complete course two complete courses and four courses by some patients white patches is uprooted completely. It is seen for some patients that the patient whose disease has become old who has to take medicine regularly complete five or six courses. Sometime it is seen that due to taking wrong medicine the skin becomes thick on patches and the disease becomes complicated. Except it some patches is on such places as sole palm. Lips female –male sex organs which are complex type. Some part of patches is remained to cure for these patients in spite of taking regularly five or six courses in this case. Should not worry and should take the course of medicine regularly for sometimes having patience and courage so the complicated patches are removed completely from its roots. We are explain easy method of taking medicine and the law of taking treatment regularly, the first course of medicine is sent to you on which dated just after 15 days second course of medicine will be sent .In this way the medicine will be sent to you on 15-15 days . Consequently the course will be completed and you will be taking it regularly and you will get rid of disease.

It is a great matter of pride that we have gets full successful command on treatment of skin disease, piles after long invention and research. By taking our treatment the patients are leading prestigious, precious, enjoyable and profitable life. By taking our treatment the suffered patient of white patches, Eczema ,Blackness (Shadow) Acne, Itching Sensation, Pimples etc. for long time , have been get rid of skin disease we have treated successfully every type of skin disease and the patient is leading a healthy life.

Except it all types of secret disease of female and male are being treated in right manner. So it is essential to send complete information of the disease for any kind of patients.

Vaidya Ashwani Kumar